Brush content 3Before you dust on that bronzer, take a good look at your makeup brush.  There’s a good chance is made from animal fur… so if you wouldn’t wear fur usually, why would you want it to apply makeup with it?

Makeup brushes can make all the difference when it comes to pristine application, however one of the most common conundrums involves the use of natural versus synthetic brushes. With all the advancements in technology today, there’s really no need to choose natural hair over synthetic makeup brushes and here’s why;

Natural brushes are typically made out of hair and fur from different animals such as sable, squirrel or goat. Often they are dark in color, but it really depends on the animal that the bristles are from.  Besides the obvious ick factor, natural brushes have a tendency to shed (yes i’m sure you’ve experienced this at some point).  Also natural hair contains cuticles, which can be good for colour pick-up and blending properties, however unlike synthetic brushes they are quite difficult to wash, as they hold onto the pigments – plus they are usually more expensive!

While some makeup users assume there’s nothing better than the real thing (animal hair brushes), it’s easier than ever to find awesome synthetic makeup brushes. And there are plenty of good reasons to buy synthetic brushes, here’s just a few;

1. Effectiveness
Due to advanced technology, synthetic bristles are now arguably better than their natural counterparts. With high quality, incredibly soft fibers and color payoff, synthetic brushes are now capable of imitating natural bristles without the price tag to match.

2. Durability
Synthetic brushes are made up of bristles (usually from nylon or taklon fibers), which means they are less likely to shed and become damaged, from either your makeup products or the products used to clean your brushes.

3. Good for your skin (and no harming to animals)
Synthetic bristles are non-porous, so they won’t trap or absorb makeup and bacteria which natural brushes can. Also bristles from natural brushes can break and become brittle and sharp over time, which can irritate the skin.

4. Easy to clean
Unlike natural brushes, synthetic makeup brushes don’t have a cuticle, which means they don’t absorb the makeup pigment. This means less wear-and-tear, and faster cleaning and drying.

5. No more allergies
Some people are sensitive or allergic to the animal hair that some natural brushes are made from. The PETA-friendly synthetic hair is an excellent alternative, as they are cruelty free and vegan, without sacrificing supreme softness.

With so many great synthetic makeup brush options at your fingertips, it’s shouldn’t be hard to decide which tools are best for you.

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